Worlds In A Bite

by Kathy Davis

Food is political, seductive, sensual and can evoke the most powerful memories. Whether I am savoring the aroma of a chicken in a pot or risotto with white truffles, I feel as though I am tele-transported to the past, inclusive of relationships, other eras and cities in which I have lived.

Having grown up for much of my youth in Los Angeles,during my teens, salads abundant with avocados, sprouts and seeds were my mainstay, punctuated by yogurt, fruit and cheese. Although content with my limited culinary staples, my taste buds were in for a sensory voyage the day I descended from Air France and embraced Paris as my new residence.

I easily welcomed the eponymous croissants and baguettes, steaks aux frites and of course my frites were enhanced with strong Dijon mustard.Mornings were embarked upon with bowl - sized cafe au lait, and dinners were an enticing introduction to Moroccan,Vietnamese,Thai, Italian and numerous regional cuisines of France.

It was in Orleans in late July ,while staying for the week - end in a seventeenth century stone farmhouse, while basking in the early evening sunlight with my eyes closed,that I tasted for the first time,foie gras avec le truffle noir on a tiny toast. Both texture - wise, and taste - wise, it was the most sensuous, delectable gourmet experience to have ever graced my palette.

I have had numerous sojourns in Italy,some for vacations and some for modeling jobs and I have come to realize that I associate different "dishes" with towns and cities.For me, Milan is Risotto with White Truffles in Fall, Rome is unrivaled for Anti Pasti, anytime. Summer is Capri, dining "al fresco" with an endless seafood buffet for lunch, in a bathing suit sitting at a table on lava rocks overlooking the churning indigo sea while the ocean spray cools. New York is poached sea bass with "sauce verde" and cucumber salad and New York Sunday mornings are fresh water bagels piled high with cream cheese, smoked salmon and the requisite thinly sliced purple onion. Mimosas wet our palettes.I could wax on and on,and I will, but in future posts. For now and again,worlds are in a bite, and my fresh Compari Tomato Sauce with Penne Arabiatta with Roasted Garlic and Seared Chili Flakes and Grilled Green Asparagus Salad accompanied with a Barbaresco for dinner are calling...


  1. Fascinating stories and they are making me hungry!


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