Ruminations From A Dog Whose Steps Are Close To Heaven

I remember the first time I ever saw the lady who was to eventually open her heart to me in the winter of my life.

There was a party with lots of humans engaging in the kinds of things that humans often do {talking,laughing,drinking and eating}, and barely anyone stopped to notice that I was there, following the boy around that brought me from New York to Los Angeles.

The blond lady who kept talking to me and trying to befriend me was someone who took the time to notice me,the scruffy dog with cataracts in both eyes.I could still see somewhat,but she kept staring as if to try and sense my true emotional state in the middle of all of the human merriment. She stroked me numerous times,but I only wanted to be in the lap of the boy whose family I had belonged to since I was a puppy.The lady was socializing well enough, but I could see the sadness in her being,but that was only because I was a dog and dogs can sense things beyond the perceptions of humans.

I overheard the lady with the sad eyes, say to someone that she was concerned about me, the dog with the sad eyes.Maybe it was just a case of recognizing sadness in one another but the following week my owner left me with her for what was to be a week, and turned out to bemy forever home. I waited by the living room window for three months waiting for him to return,but to no avail. Even though the blond lady had three other dogs that she loved beyond measure, I remember the day she realized that I occupied a sincere place in her heart.

She was holding me while I was in her lap by the window and she noticed for the first time, my exceedingly distinguished and beautiful long eyelashes.

To my amazement,the lady told me that she loved me and that she never realized how handsome and wise I was until she noticed my long, beautiful eye lashes that framed my clouded eyes.It was then that I instantly recognized that she really truly loved me even though I was to be with her a relatively short time in both of our lives. I will always treasure and dream of the days with my original family, but if I had to have someone to could give me a forever home I would choose the blond lady.

When her three other dogs passed away almost all at the same time, I was there to let her love me and to fill a space that could not have otherwise been filled. Yes it has been a challenging life and things have not always gone my way,but the blond lady who loves me will be there when it is my time to say goodbye.

I just know, truly know, that one day we will all get to greet one another at the Rainbow Bridge, no matter who we ever belonged to, for love is what remains and that is all there really is. It's just that some know it better than others.


  1. Oh Kathy, My heart is full of tenderness as I read about your precious Toby! Tears are in my eyes. . . it is never easy to say goodbye to the ones we love and who have loved us back. Toby is in your heart forever, as Countess is in my heart. . . there is something so uniquely precious about the love we share with our 4-footed friends. I am so glad Toby has you to love him until the end of time! I'm here if you want to call and share tears, laughter, memories or anything at all. Sending you & Toby much LOVE. xo Rita

  2. Kathy: Thank you so much for taking such good care of Toby. I just came across some of his pictures as a puppy. i will scan them and send them to you. What a wonderful dog. The only thing that saves me from deep grief at losing him is that it wa to you, and Angel of mercy. Much love, Linda (Toby's original Mom)

  3. Kathy: I just heard the news that Dear Toby died in your arms, his nose nestled in your bosom, an enviable position for anyone. God bless you for taking this sweet spirit into your home and giving him a happy and comfortable old age. He was so much happier than in NYC which was too harsh for an old dog. He had a wonderful life, growing up on a game preserve in Florida, living on a farm in South Carolina and exploring the streets, parks and doggie runs of New York City. He has been loved by many people including children.


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