The Most Beautiful Message

It was in the nineth Fall of my life , while staying in Saint Louis that the most precious thing had ever happened to me, happened! I was "given" a sister to call my own. It did not matter that our fathers were not the same, for that was the "stuff" of grown ups.

All I cared about was that I would NEVER be "only'' again, for the little blond bundle that arrived on October third was named Angela. She was to eventually become our Angel, and for six short years I got to be her sister.

My step father played professional football with the Saint Louis Cardinals and I attended a school called Immaculata. In school we prayed more than we did anything else and were informed with frequency what sinners we were. My mother and step father were a glamorous couple socializing and being photographed.

Angel, the little blond bundle who sneezed every time I held her, got to be mine. I spent many a Saturday evening with Angel tucked in my arms while watching Outer Limits and Twilight zone. As life was lived and after many losses, Angel was three when we were "gifted" with a cherub of a baby brother to call our own.

I loved this platinum duo more than what any twelve year old should be capable of. When I was very young I embodied the emotions of someone who had lived a hundred years with a hundred losses. My wisdom was pre natural and I loved beyond my chronological years. Some may call it Indigo.

Angela named me "Kookie", when she first began speaking. Even our little blond cherub of a brother called me "Kookie". After Angel's flight and many years gone by, my own little girl had never been told that I had at one time been named "Kookie".

One morning when my daughter was seven years old while taking her to school, she stopped and wrote with her index finger in the dust on the rear window of my car, Angel Kookie. My heart stopped briefly and I was a little unnerved . When I could appreciate the magic of that good omen my heart filled with joy. My daughter unknowingly had just delivered the most beautiful message from the other side. Angel is still with me.


  1. Oh Kathy. . . how Beautiful! What an exquisite memory you have of your little Sister, Angel. I got God chills when I read the last paragraph. . . as though your Daughter is the precious reincarnate seed of Angel. Perhaps one day you will consider publishing your blog as a book . . . such rich short stories filled with Love, Insight & Emotion! Thanks for sharing!
    xo Rita


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