Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Frito Paws

My agile, joyful, canine rescue, soothes me with his scents.His face is the very first I see each morning. My worries evaporate when I squish my face into his puppy fur and hug his furry neck. I love how he smells. His fur smells of toast and ocean air and his paws smell like Fritos! I cannot take credit for coining the term Frito paws, for somebody dear to me did so upon paying attention to my various adjectives after sharing how delectable he smells.

It is unthinkable to imagine that this noble puppy man, had his beginnings in a dumpster after having been tossed with his brother and sister. If you look closely you can see the tiny spark of hurt that inhabits his kind eyes.When he was presented at the shelter,all eight

pounds of fur and puppy breath quivered with vulnerability.

Of course I whispered to him that I would make everything okay 'cause I knew exactly how he felt. There was just so little between him and the big world. Making it better for him, makes it better for me, and that is how genuine love is. Oh and having paws that smell like Fritos helps...smelling them makes me just love him even more.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Love Words

I have your love words and I dream... for me the Universe is in your eyes. You occupy my psyche and you tell me, I yours. Seducing me for some moons now, taunting and soothing with love words.

You are my intense pleasure and sometimes my pain...a pain so exquisite that it tells me how deeply you matter. Love words spoken in that languid voice of yours, creating images of what will come. And I remain still and in the dark, breathing with measure, electrified by your words.

Like an addict in the shadows with my ear pressed to the phone, your voice gives way to seas of love, transforming me.

Until now, I believed this kind of love was meant for the lucky others and not for me. I only dreamed that the Universe could be in another's eyes and now I get to be the lucky one... I dream, and hold onto love words.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Winging It

Balmy, breezy and beautiful...Maui. Sensual in every way. I have no care that my hair is untamed and strewn about my neck and I am messy from the wind and coconut oil. The sun plays with its light on sugar cane crops that bend in unison reminding me of a Wyeth painting.

Pyramidal shapes and terraced mountains in multitudes of greens fill my eyes.I half expect some goliath dinasaur to appear from a gorge.I am transfixed by the abundant beauty of nature. The scent is of plumeria and ocean spray intoxicates and I sigh with pleasure.

I am driving from the market and I am creating in my mind the dinner I will prepare tonight. I was going to do a seafood di mare, but Maui reminds me of Thailand and I am inspired to create a Thai dish.Lobster tails, shrimp and bay scallops in a coconut /red curry with lemon grass and basil shallots and garlic. There were no clams or mussels, so I had to "wing it" as I often do. As long as the local ingredients are the finest I can change what I will prepare,

"winging it". It took some time to learn to do so, and I am grateful for this ability that could also be considered a talent.

As I chop and slice and stir, I love the residue of basil, lemon grass and garlic fragrances on my fingers. I frequently long for Thailand, yet I am savouring Maui in every sense, for everything begets everything else...and besides, I am winging it. Some of my most enjoyed creations are from having done so.