Love Words

I have your love words and I dream... for me the Universe is in your eyes. You occupy my psyche and you tell me, I yours. Seducing me for some moons now, taunting and soothing with love words.

You are my intense pleasure and sometimes my pain...a pain so exquisite that it tells me how deeply you matter. Love words spoken in that languid voice of yours, creating images of what will come. And I remain still and in the dark, breathing with measure, electrified by your words.

Like an addict in the shadows with my ear pressed to the phone, your voice gives way to seas of love, transforming me.

Until now, I believed this kind of love was meant for the lucky others and not for me. I only dreamed that the Universe could be in another's eyes and now I get to be the lucky one... I dream, and hold onto love words.


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