Dopplegangers and Other Mysteries

A friend of mine who is Valkyrie beautiful,called and spoke to me of a homeless lady outside of her building exclaiming that the shoes she was wearing belonged to her! The homeless lady was becoming a fixture, accusing my friend many times of wearing her shoes. This was laughable yet unnerving because the homeless lady truly was convinced that my friend's shoes were hers.

One day when my friend was wearing aviation sunglasses and her hair down a la Veronica Lake, the said homeless woman told her that she looked exactly like her deceased daughter. She was obviously grief stricken and derived comfort by seeing my friend when she exits her building .We thought that was the end of the story until, one recent morning the homeless woman handed my friend a photograph of her deceased daughter. To my friend's astonishment she was her daughter's doppleganger! The homeless woman also revealed her daughter's name and birthday and they were the exactly the same as my Valkyrie beautiful friend's. No sense could be made of this.

We pondered what the events were in the homeless woman's life that led to her demise. Did she break from the heartbreak of loss? It is just eerie that the deceased daughter is my friend's doppleganger and that she shares the same name and birthday. Parallel worlds? Crossover dimensions?

Is there a message from the other side that we are simply not "getting"?

To my Valkyrie beautiful friend's credit, her heart is empathetic and what concerns her most is that the homeless woman is not deriving any pain from having found her daughter's doppleganger.I am trying to convey that the the sight of her in aviator glasses and blond Veronica Lake hair is of comfort and not of pain for the homeless woman. This appears to be at the least, an episode from Twilight Zone and maybe even one of life's mysterious messages from the other side providing fodder for years to come.


  1. Very, very good story! Personally I am quite interested in experiences such as this one and more.. Strange? Not to me... Nope! There are many experiences that most will label strange. I have several of my own... Thank you for this generous gift, Warrent Sattunyue. Infinite blessings ∞ Alfie S.

    1. I just read your comment and apologize for taking so long to respond.Thank you for your input and yes,this kind of experience is nothing new in my own life.In an odd way I derive comfort from such experiences.


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