From the Heart

As I reflect upon the year of life I have lived since my last birthday it has been one lived on a precipice. Prayer and blind faith have kept me whole and permitted me to experience joy and well being in small increments. There are several deeply cherished friends without whom I simply could not have done without and had any quality of life.

There have been a few people I had to let go for they were incapable of comprehending the complexities of my challenges, and I had to keep my energy not for explanation, but for my very being in order to keep breathing.Sometimes if the best one can do is to keep putting one foot in front of another,then you just do that. One friend in particular has been my guardian angel and continued to believe in me while voicing my angst, and at times not so in the most dignified manner. This friend will forever be kept close and loved.

It is life altering when someone believes in you when you have at times lost belief in yourself. I was instructed to just stand after having done everything I could do and so I did, and remain standing.

God hears those who asks with their heart for direction, courage, protection and keeps them in the light.I know this to be true because this is my experience. This birthday I will begin my day at dawn and begin celebrating life, with a walk in the middle of nature, for nature is my church and I have much to be grateful for.

I will climb to the crest of the mountain and give thanks for all of the people who are dear to me and thank God for allowing me yet another year of life and celebration.


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