Treasure Trove

by Kathy Davis

Two of my most favorite things in life are traveling and entertaining. I am drawn to people who like to enjoy themselves and know how to savour the good life.Because I was a model for seventeen years, I had the opportunity to stay for extended periods of time in foreign countries and frequent many exotic locations. While I developed a keen interest in other cultures my palette was becoming finely tuned to the "exotic".

It was always fascinating to me how two different cultures could use many of the same ingredients yet their respective cuisines could be so unique.

Sadly, a lot of cultural diversity has been homogenized by the technological age in which we live. Fast food has become rampant globally. Fast food, however tasty on occasion is the antithesis of communing and connecting.

The pinnacle of the day in many cultures is a long meal enjoyed in the company of family and friends. Dining lends itself to an intimacy that cannot be replaced.

Cooking and entertaining is the medium by which I express my friendship and love. I find great satisfaction creating a beautifully presented delicious meal presented in a dramatic ambiance.The heady aromas of various herbs and candlelight on a gorgeous table can evoke nostalgia of other civilizations. I love bringing other cultures to me by way of their cuisine. I keep many memories close of having stayed with friends in foreign lands while socializing in the kitchen with family matriarchs and secretly noting their recipes.

There is just no better way than to feel the pulse of another culture than by accompanying people during their daily rituals. The panorama is not just before my eyes,the panorama is in my treasure trove.


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