Kitchen Magic

Kitchen Magic
by Kathy Davis
The kitchen is my refuge. It is where I find my center. It is the sacred space where I can clear my thoughts and create a little kitchen magic. I am content to cook food that "delights" loved ones and friends.

No matter where in life I have lived, whether in a seven story walk up in Paris or a sprawling house in Los Angeles ( and everything else in between ) you can usually find me cooking, and happy in the kitchen. Washing, chopping, stirring and serving, tethers me to my dreams. I can strategize, empty my mind or simply fantasize.

For me, the miracle of everyday life is how individual segments akin to a symphony, morph into "Abra Ka Dabra" manifesting the coveted "whole".

So it is, cooking and creating are comprised of part physics, part magic. For me, the kitchen is that sacred space that lends itself to dreaming, nurturing, creating and provides the respite and pleasure to those for whom I am so appreciative to serve.


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