Embracing Autumn

by Kathy Davis

As November arrives in burnished colors, smoky scents and streams of chilled air, with it comes the anticipation of of things to be celebrated. My palette desires the pleasure of truffle season, (the season for chocolate truffles is year round ) Beaujolais Nouveau and Olio Novelli, the exquisite essence of first pressed olives. For me,the elixir of first pressed green olives permeating my taste buds is one of the most joyful of culinary experiences.I can almost ingest the olive oil as though it were fine wine.It can transform an ordinary tomato into one of the most delectable experiences.

It appears as though for myself and fellow Gourmonds that the pinnacles of culinary rapture are often inherited from the ancient world.

As in the sublime gifts of Mother Nature in Autumn,so as in people. While trees reign in their majesty of hues, people are often graced by the beauty of wisdom and altruistic love in the Autumn of their lives.
Life is cyclical in its seasons and there are all kinds of seasons for reverence and for celebration as foretold by The Bible. For me, Autumn is for celebration,giving and introspection before dormancy and rebirth. The gifts of Autumn give way to a dose of healthy hedonism and gratefulness for the many gifts that Mother Nature so abundantly provides.


  1. Always adore reading Kathy's lyrical prose. Sublime.


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