An Egg To Remember

by Kathy davis

Although there are many memorable dinner parties I have enjoyed there is one that is etched indelibly in my memory.Sonja is a friend that I had in France who lived in a stunning Art Nouveau town-home. She was known for her eccentric style and great ease in which she entertained.To be invited to one of her dinner parties was to experience the quintessential culinary and visually pleasing meals.

When Sonja greeted you it was with an almost ,self - contained wisp of a smile, as if she had some secret delight in knowing that you would almost require resuscitating from the pleasure that filled your every cell.

The particular evening that is forever in me, took place on the cusp of Easter. As I entered the cream - colored monochromatic home, my eye was captivated by a twenty four - inch - high, sky - blue Easter egg displayed on a gold Louis XVth stand. It looked much like our planet Earth embossed with billowing clouds, yet egg - shaped. What an extraordinary, monolithic,

white chocolate creation, evoking multitudes of symbolism.The egg was a creation of a well - known confisserie in Paris.

Dinner was served by Sonja, on a cream linen table cloth on white porcelain china. It began with white sautéed asparagus, served with white truffle oil and black cracked pepper. A salt encrusted ,roasted Mediterranean sea bass with head and tail intact was presented on a large oval platter.I watched in fascination as Sonja cracked open the hardened salt that moistened the fish while roasting.She made a sauce of extra virgin olive oil and lemon to drizzle over the fish.Steamed potatoes were served with a compote of jalapeño and garlic . Salad was Belgian Endive with semi - hard boiled eggs and Dijon vinaigrette with walnuts. After an array of sensuous cheese and crusty baguettes, we actually made room in our stomachs for a yellow cake with marzipan and berries for dessert.We sipped countless antique Lalique flutes of Rose Champagne and did so, all the while under the imposing eye of the grand, monolithic sky - blue Easter egg.

It was, an egg to remember.


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