Ghost Friends

From the time I started studying history and absorbing the epochs that most stirred me, I have become attached to certain Heroines and Heros throughout the Ages and keep them close to heart. It was not in school that my passion for history ignited, but in the Volumes of History by Will Durant that my Father gifted me when I was fourteen.

I carry everywhere those who reside deep in my soul and have become Ghost Friends. It was through Dave Brubeck's "Take Five", and PANORAMIC stories of France and Lebanon that my Father's Ghost resides. He is amongst the others for whom I cannot help but idealize.

One of my finest fantasies would be to invite twelve of my Ghost Friends from various ages in history to dine at the consummate dinner party, and of course inclusive of my Ghost Father. Most probably seating would be a nightmare due to disparate religious beliefs and cultural diversity.

I would see to it that my Ghost Friends would discover how much they MATTERED to me and how wherever I was in my life that I was NEVER lonely or bored. Dinner would also be challenging for I would have to serve something that would please EVERYONE'S palette {dinner would just be the EXCUSE to get together for what I really want is to have the PLEASURE of their company}.

The setting would be the least challenging for beauty is universal and although it would most probably be unusual for my Ghost Friends I would keep their various epochs in mind. My Father would be seated on my right, for I could not refrain from whispering intermittently in awe of my Ghost Friends. Hapshepsut would be on my left for I would be dying to know how it felt to be a powerful woman but having to rule, donning a beard and a tail.

Diane de Poitiers could teach us all a thing or two about seduction and Mary Stuart how NOT to rule with the emotions. Aknahten could tell me what inspired him to become the first monotheist. Marc Anthony would most likely be seduced by ME for he was a man ruled by HIS emotions to his ruin. Queen Elizabeth the First would have to be seated far from Mary Stuart for that could be tricky being seated near someone whose death you have decreed. I am curious to know how she lived her life without marriage, children or BIG LOVE and wonder if she was passionate in private? Louis Fourteenth, Sixteenth and Marie Antoinette would have to be included because I am dying to discover if they truly felt they represented God and if they felt ANY guilt from their excesses? I'd be really nervous about inviting Nero but I would anyway {he would require a lot of extra attention} because he would be particularly entertaining.

My GHOST FRIENDS guest list could go on and on... There are countless others and I have not even begun to address my Mythological Friends.


  1. Great fantasy. I love to read about Queen Elizabeth and Mary Queen of Scots, and the other Tudor royals. Have you ever read Philippa Gregory's books. She has written a wonderful story about Elizabeth the First called "The Virgin Queen" which addresses your question. Philippa does years of research. Her books are great. I have read 12 of them at least.


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