The Sweetest Days

It seems as though only a nano second ago my daughter was five years old and we were having our picnic under the sprawling tree in our backyard. I served her favorite, a baby spinach salad with whipped garlic/ lemon dressing and chicken drumettes on plastic Disney plates. We were lounging on a Neco wafer pink coverlet on the grass as she would begin to read while also learning Greek mythology.

The illustrations in the book were reminiscent of Chagall and were beautiful enough to to tear out and use as wall paper {but I refrained from doing so}. I was taking pictures in my mind of my beautiful daughter that particularly sunny California day. It was all too poignant that we were making memories and those memories would be seared in my heart forever.

Of course it was she who chose the first Greek myth that she wanted to learn.It was uncanny that she chose Demeter and Persephone, for their story would symbolize the ultimate separation whether by choice or by fate that all mothers and daughters eventually endure.

We took turns reading the dramatic tale of the earth opening and Persephone falling into Hades and her mother Demeter crying with such sorrow that she shed tears of blood. it is said that Demeter's tears spawned red poppies everywhere as she mourned loosing her daughter.

Of course I choked back my own tears but my daughter's eyes were alive with the cinema of the words. She had no concept of the day of separation that would ultimately arrive.

As all mothers in all species {if we are doing our job well} every finite day is a gentle nudge toward the inevitable "sentence"of letting go. With a full heart I both cherish and celebrate with love every nano second of the sweetest days.


  1. What a lovely rememberance as well as the paintings...Does your daughter recall these moments and share your same sentiment?...
    My mom and I, as a tot, used to have lawn picnics when we lived in Chapel Hill. One such moment was when she was telling me about the Jersey cows who "provided the milk" we were sipping. I was amazed to learn there was another place in the world outside of my college town. Then it was just Chapel Hill and New Jersey for a long time, until I heard about China half way around the world. When told if one dug down through the earth, there would be this new country, I got out my little red shovel and started looking for China...Found some nice, fat earth worms for fishing!

  2. Beautiful assemblage of words and emotions. Yes, mothers and daughters eventually separate, some on better terms than others. I look at my beautiful mother today and rue the break we had, as I rue the break I now experience with my daughter. While I understand these are rites of passage, they nevertheless leave gaping holes while we go thru them.

    I see the muse is alive and well and drawing on the new-found (or rediscovered) southern vibe. Keep writing. It is beautiful.

  3. Thank you Patty.There are all kinds of separations and some we accept hoping with pain and love that the beloved will return.Other separations are final,and I am always surprised to still be standing.

  4. What a beautiful story. Thank you.

  5. I thank each and everyone of you for your generous comments.


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