It's Love

When you meet someone and you take notice when their attention is focused a little more on what you say than not. Your eyes linger slightly more than if you were being polite by simply making eye contact during conversation but careful not to inundate. The pulse quickens with the accidental touching of fingers while reaching for something simultaneously, struck by the subtle scent that intoxicates... a zig zag to the stomach that convulses so gently with pleasure.

Their voice becomes languid, stirring and honey - like. Every word, every sentence and every paragraph formed seems novel... gentle, awkward silences surround feelling profound, wrapping around and in between and into your center until there is no telling where they begin or you end. In you. In them.

With one another. With one. Only one. With them. It's love.


  1. And that is what everyone on the planet longs for ....

  2. A lovely description of romance! :)


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