Angel's Flight

My sister's fragile hand wrapped around my whole index finger. Eyelids stained mauve, fluttered with interrupted consciousness. With my body,

I formed a shield around her. Her small buttocks nestled into the curve of my stomach. My mouth kissed her temple, lingering while her six year old body struggled to remain with me...

Angel's perspiring goose - down hair soothed with its innocent scent; a scent which remains until now.

Time haunted with its cruel sentence. Fatal cells waged their war,and I ached with her. My love's depth could not save her from death's encroaching arms. She struggled with each breath grasping the edge of life,sensing beyond her years, my need to hold onto her longer.

That night in the green prison of the hospital room I held a vigil. Both of us clung...she to life,and I to her.It was a pain that tortured with its relentless tenacity;a reminder that this night would be our last together.

Daybreak arrived all too soon, casting its other worldly light with tiny flaming fingers...

Intruding, invading and stealing, our Angel,my sister... without mercy and forever.

I shall never recover.


  1. So beautiful. Such a touching story. You paint pictures with your words.


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