Captain's Encounter of a Wild Kind

One early morning, Captain, my bison - like Rottweiler puppy hovered over me. His black nose, speckled beige studiously breathed in my face.His smooth pink tongue lavished kisses on me. I rose, and let him into the garden.

He slinked through the yard with Jaguar grace...his nose tilted skyward,nostrils flapping profusely. A scent summoned. He sped to the crest of the knoll, flew spread eagle mid - air and bounced to a halt. The black fur on his muscled body highlights glistened stiff on his spine.

A coyote and Captain locked eyes!

The two were posed in a stare - down. I clutched my chest and whispered "Captain". My imagination reeled with bloody sights.

The coyote trotted forward.It was ravaged and his eyes were yellow and mean. I feared it might be rabid. The tuft of fat on Captain's bear head furrowed in rows of fear. I had to intervene. Trembling, I crept to Captain's side. His taut haunches twitched, expelling gas in staccato sounds. I unleashed my emotion in one eerie bellow.

The coyote fled with lightening speed, and I collapsed under clumsy caramel paws. Crying with relief through my tears I saw Captain's almond eyes,liquid black and gold staring down at me. He looked perplexed with his hairy smudges for eyebrows and I laughed, startling him...and relished his grateful morning kisses.


  1. Our chihuahua was in a stare down with a handsome male coyote. Nose to nose.
    "Bark! Bark! Bark!
    The coyte wondered -"Why is that bunny rabbit barking?"
    Screaming, crazed humans chased the coyote, who leaped to safety over the 6'fence.


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