My Thirteenth Harrowing Halloween

A battle of wills followed by a reluctant "yes", an icey stare and mother acquiesced. I won. My plans were to spend the night at my best friend's house on Halloween. Disgarding my pinstriped school uniform and hiding my beatnik costume, I bolted to Laurie's home.

Abandoned trick or treat bags gave way to naughty giggles, black stockings and high heels while wearing mini sweater dresses.

Eyes laden with "Twiggy" liner, lips smudged beige, we blew smoke rings with full never - been - kissed mouths. Two thirteen year olds,psuedo sophisticates... Long haired boys of sixteen,a fluorescent orange Mustang and the Beatles blaring on the radio, we chomped Halloween candy while puffing Marlboro cigarettes.

The car sped at terrifying speeds. My body was riddled with fear. My veneer began to crack..Police blurred my thoughts. Only I knew the wrath of my blond gorilla stepfather. Urgent pleas spewed forth from me punctuated by screams of "let me out"!!!

Laurie stayed. She loved gambling with danger. A school mate who was an outcast, offered me refuge, but only if I could bypass the notice of her family. My heart pounded in my head as I hid underneath their patio furniture felt criminal waiting for my cue to entry as her father's flashlight seemed to dance in the dark while the dog caught my scent. My cheek was pressed next to damp concrete and I held my breath as I escaped its illumination.

Just as I exhaled, the dog raced toward me sniffing and snapping. I was discovered,a contortionist under the chaise lounge. My teeth chattered and the inside my mouth was like parchment. Vibrating with guilt I went before her father with my head tilted in shame. Looking every bit like a vixen but feeling like a criminal I braced for a scathing. Instead, he belted out a sympathetic greeting and gave me refuge for the night. Saved by my new, no - longer - an outcast friend and her father. Whew! I pledged never to be bad again, and that pledge lasted at least a two weeks.


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