French Mistress in a past life

I have a client who was most certainly, a French mistress in a past life.

When we met it was instantly noted that the two of us shared a passion for all things French.My client lives in a French limestone home appointed with authentic French antiques that she hand - picked at auction. Upon entering her home, it is as though I have entered a slice of history from an old French painting.Her taste is flawless and her attention to detail is unrivaled. She is a savy about all things French from fashion, food, textiles and where to find the best macaroons.

When engaged in a project the two of us partake in a repetoire of conversation concerning various Heros and Heroines of French history. We have been known to sip champagne and express how each of us was "moved" by seeing Diane de Poitier's initials entwined with Henry the Second's.

Standing in their private chambers at one of the chateaus on the skirts of Paris it was noted that their romance could be felt by osmosis.My client is the only other person i have ever met that would pause in a room to be able to absorb that feeling and then to be able to bring it to life with words.

As we work, {and working for her is sheer joy} we muse about colors of flowers ,fabrics and menus in the most non linear way,for we are over - excited about the possibilities of this and that. My job is to create an ambiance so that everyones' senses are titilated and that guests can feast with their eyes before ingesting the beauty.

"Living theatre" is all joy and all play while planning the party at hand, with my client who was a French Mistress in a past life.


  1. lovely, dear Kathy... I could get the right feeling of the atmosphere, great. Thanks... for telling us :-)


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