The Table

Throughout the years I am perpetually amazed by the power of The Table. Many of the most important things that happen in our lives are signed/negotiated and or instigated/inspired while at a Table.

The discovery of fire, the wheel and The Table in its variety of uses have impacted our evolution in ways too numerable to fathom.For reasons that are obvious it is The Table that intrigues me the most.

Upon arriving in this world as babies,we are immediately placed on a Table and examined and when exiting this world we revisit The Table as we are prepared for our final journey. Friendships are forged, romantic proposals are made and business deals secured all the while, sharing a meal at a Table. I continue to be "awed" by the power of a beautiful dinner party. There have been times in my life where friendships were challenged yet were healed by the best meal most lovingly prepared in a welcoming, beautiful ambiance.

In my mind I reflect upon the "Salons" in Paris where an assortment of guests would congregate indulging in the finest a hostess would offer while sharing lively conversations of art, romance and political intrigue.

I was once married to a man from another culture whose philosophy about beauty was "to feast with the eyes first".

That is a philosophy I chose to keep while creating my dining Table for beauty in its variety of forms is universally inspiring. I confess, a beautiful Table is an absolute when creating an evening for friendship, romance and dining.Candlelight,flowers pretty table cloths are a must.It provides the anticipation of the good things that are to be at hand,and we understand the importance of anticipation.

Anticipation is at least half of pleasure. Guests have been at my Table from places in the world in which they were at war yet, have shown respect and even enjoyment of one another. We have much to learn from each other as we dine.

There was a love in my life for whom this quote resonates eternally. "They could not sit at meals but feel,how well it soothed to be
each the other by".

How is your Table?


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