Maui Space/Time

Upon arriving in Maui the moist warm breeze dissipated all L.A. anxiety. Jurassic greens filled my vistas and I felt as though I had relaxed into a dream state.Any preoccupation of worries were simply carried away by the wind.I was taking mental photographs so that I could file the steel and teal blues,the fucshias and oranges so that sometime when working I could find these colors to induce this surreal feeling.

There are many realities, and in that space/time Maui was going to be my reality and mine, for eight days. Little did I know that when I would arrive in Los Angeles that I would remain very conscious so that I could keep my Maui reality tucked neatly in my psyche. Plumeria and salty sea breezes caressed everything everywhere.I stayed in a storybook house with its own beach and plentiful with palm trees.Never once did I bring images into my being from the television.

My entertainment was the crashing of waves against the sea wall and the ocean spray that ensued. The full moon shone on the water like a massive spotlight and as I sat with my knees curled in under my chin I felt in those moments, love for every being I have ever loved and DO love present - time. My sentient being communed with the beauty of nature every evening and every morning as if God could receive my thoughts and prayers more readily.

Even though some of my time was like a living prayer, I still enjoyed cooking seafood di mares and barbecued steaks with the accompanying Margarita and Champagne or two. The lanai was illuminated only by candles and we dined,danced and enjoyed our spirits in the company of one another and in Maui space/time.

Once a Hedonist always a Hedonistic and I make no apologies.


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